Tutorial #1: Getting Started With Mini Originals

Filmed across two days, I introduce you to my unique style (and rather unusual paint application!) as I complete a series of mini originals.

Hi guys, welcome to my studio tutorials! I am really excited to be sharing regular video content of me working in the studio on original works of art. In these videos, I’ll be revealing everything from my methodology right through to technique, application and mediums used.  

I know it might come as a surprise to some of you that I am willing to share intimate insight into my creative process, but hey - I am a sharer by nature and if my style, mediums and techniques inspire you to get into the studio, then your happiness is my happiness and it’s all worth it. 

Included with each video download is a detailed product list of all the mediums - and there are many! I wanted to share these with you so that if you see an application you like, you can refer to the list and incorporate it into your practice too. 

So how do these tutorials work?

Each tutorial is yours to own and costs $49.00 each. Once purchased, you will get exclusive access to my learning platform.

How often will new videos become available?

My goal is to provide you with a new tutorial every month. But between tutorial drops, I will also be uploading shorter pieces with quick tips and tools, so be sure to keep an eye out for those too. 

I hope this insight into my work and studio brings you joy and inspires you to do what you love. 

*We only take refunds within 24h from purchasing the course